Introducing new designs and color variations for our esteemed KENATA brand, renowned for utilizing high-quality leather and sustainable materials. Embodying the essence of a delightful and carefree experience.

Discover "LALLA" bag


Discover the LALLA bag: a timeless, medium-sized beauty crafted from high-quality leather.... 

KENATA, brand ... also a mission

At KENATA, we celebrate simplicity and timeless elegance. Our handbags are meticulously handcrafted with a careful selection of high-quality materials. But KENATA is more than just a fashion brand; it's a social, sustainable and eco-friendly Mission.

Explore our collection and find handbags that blend classic style with a positive impact. Join us in our commitment to a better future.

What our clients love

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  • We only work with high-quality materials to ensure well-made and finely finished products

  • More than 90% of the paper we use is recycled, and the remaining portion is recyclable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

  • A part of our benefits are devoted to provide packpacks fully equiped to children in the forgotten villages of Atlas Mountains of Morocco

  • Our craftsmen and teams work passionately to infuse love into our handbags and brand, spreading joy along the way

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Our brand Slogan

In the realm of KENATA handbags, this slogan epitomizes the brand's ethos.

"Ease" represents the seamless blend of functionality and style, while "Sense" highlights our mission and commitment to Education and the Planet. And "Everywhere" emphasizes the bags' versatility.

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